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Can I get a copy of my invoice?

If you provided an email address, the Invoice will be sent by email after the rental (once the rental is closed) 

  • If you booked on the Europcar website with your email address

And if you booked online with an email address, you can retrieve your invoice directly from your customer account . You can click here to connect directly on your account : 

👉 Need to have a  Europcar customer account with your email address

👉 Click on the  "Completed Rentals" (left side on your customer account - Image below) 

👉 Invoice for a  booking less than 6 months old 

👉 Paid by card (Credit/debit depending of countries) 

This service is valid for rentals that took place in Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria, Portugal, France, Germany or Switzerland. 

  • If you booked via a third party (Travel agencies, other booking sites, Kayak, Rentalcars.com, Booking...)

you must contact customer service of directly. Europcar cannot send it to you your Third party invoice

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